Live football scores and betting

At the moment football World Cup 2018 is on. All of my friends are watching football everyday. It is nice weather outside – sun is shining and birds are singing but all friends are staying in house or in pub to watch TV.

So I have no choice to join them. But just watching football game and drinking beer is not so interesting.  And we found the solution to make these nights with football and beer even more interesting. We start betting with each other. Who wins gets free beer, who looses have to buy it. If we are in the group then winners get even more beer usually 🙂

Last evening was game between Russia and Saudi-Arabia. I made my bet on Russia. Another friend who won said that score will be 4-0.  He got 3 free beers. Nice!

So I asked how he won. He said that he did research before the game. I asked did he read some articles or what. He said that he used on nice all-in-one tool for research. Ok what is that tool…?!

Live football scores –

OK now I made my trial there. Impressive, so many things to look at. Odds, historical data, teams and even social-media feeds. Most I liked that game page has real time flow available.

So next bet will be easier to me. I will do my homework.